what we do

Digital technologies increasingly affect the process of strategy-making – they impact how actors craft, understand, and execute strategies. Despite the impact of the ‘digital’ on strategy-making, strategy research on this topic is still in its infancy. Our network will draw on a strategy-as-practice perspective on the digitalization of strategy-making because this perspective proves particularly suitable to examine changes in strategy making based on the actual activities of strategy practitioners.

Thomas Gegenhuber, Maximilian Heimstädt, Georg Reischauer and Violetta Splitter are the organizers of this network. The goal of this research network is to build a community of early scholars interested in the topic of digitalization of strategy-making, to develop a joint research agenda, and to stimulate high-quality research on this topic. The German Research Foundation (DFG) funds our network. To achieve our goals, we organize five meetings to gain insights, establish collaborations and support each others’ work. Each meeting features distinct keynote speakers, paper development sessions, and we discuss current literature. We also make plans to stimulate conversations on digitally-enabled strategy making in our field (e.g. submitting symposia to AOM meetings).

You can also follow our activities on researchgate.

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